Traffic Signs

Whether you're using Digital Printing or Traditional Fabrication methods for traffic signs, 3M has you covered.

  • 3M is committed to providing you with retroreflective sheeting, inks, and overlays to help you fabricate high quality roadway signs.

High-performing traffic signs

Three important characteristics for reflective sheeting to consider

  • Retroreflective roadway signs at night
    Retroreflective material for increased visibility

    Brightness matters. You can download our white paper on traffic sign brightness here.

  • Reflective road sign in city

    With 3M, you can count on long-lasting quality and performance. We offer up to 12 years of protection when using select 3M components and have multiple warranty tiers available for several classes of reflective sheeting and multiple imaging methods.

    Contact us on our support page to learn more.

  • Reflective street signs at night
    Observation and entrance angles

    In this demonstration, you’ll see how elevated seating positions impact sign visibility and how higher-performing sign sheeting can help.

    Traffic sign fabrication and orientation also matters in creating signs that reflect from different angles. Learn more about road sign orientation uniformity here.

Featured product:

3M™ Advanced Flexible Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting Series 7300

  • No Biking Road Sign

    Seeing is believing.

    3M™ Advanced Flexible Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting Series 7300 is the flexible and compatible sheeting you’ve been looking for. It’s the bright choice for your non-critical sign and temporary traffic control applications.

    Its retroreflectivity meets ASTM D4956 Type I for non-critical street and road signs, and its bright white color makes it highly visible and ideal for eye-catching graphics.

Featured Product:

3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ Reflective Sign Sheeting

  • Diamond grade reflective signs on highway at night

    Outsmart the dark.

    DG³ sheeting is our top-of-the-line reflective sign sheeting. With nearly twice the reflectivity of our lower-grade signage material, 3M Diamond Grade Sheeting helps create more visible signs, and more visible signs have been shown to cut nighttime accidents by up to 46%.*

    Learn more about 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ and how it compares to other sheeting types on our next page.

    *Ripley, D.A, Howard R. Green Company, ITE AB04H313, Quantifying the Safety Benefits of Traffic Control Devices - Benefit-Cost Analysis of Traffic Sign Upgrades, 2005 Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium Proceedings.

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Urban roads can be challenging. Help motorists see the signs.

  • We offer a variety of sign sheeting types to help you improve the visibility and effectiveness of traffic signs in urban areas — including state-of-the-art ASTM Type XI sheeting and a range of fluorescent colors. Give your road users the guidance they need.


Sign Sheeting Types

Explore traffic sign sheeting by Performance level and ASTM Standard.

  • 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Reflective Sign Sheeting helps improve safety by providing higher luminance values than our other sheeting at distances most critical to drivers.

    Available for ASTM Standards:
    ASTM Type IX
    ASTM Type XI

  • 3M™ High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting provides high levels of retroreflectivity for traffic signs, work zone devices, and delineators.

    Available for ASTM Standards:
    ASTM Type III
    ASTM Type IV

  • 3M™ Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting is designed for production of non-critical traffic signs and devices.

    Available for ASTM Standard:
    ASTM Type I

Sign Fabrication Techniques

  • There are many advantages to digital sign printing. Not only does it offer you quick on-demand printing for custom signs and enhanced workflow, but when you use 3M products, you will be backed by our 3M™ MCS™ Warranty.

  • Traditional road sign being manufactured
    Traditional Sign Fabrication

    Whether your team uses cut copy, EC Film, or screen printing techniques, 3M has the inks, protective over laminates and a variety of sheeting to support your manufacturing process.

Nighttime reflectivity material comparison
Road Sign Orientation Uniformity - why does it matter?

Watch the video and download the report on our next page to see for yourself.


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