Increase data protection with 3M Privacy Filters

Increase data protection with 3M Privacy Filters
Increase data protection with 3M Privacy Filters

GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation

3M™ Privacy Filters improve privacy in the office and on the move. Protect yourself from visual hacking of sensitive data

On 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force across the EU, with the aim of increasing business accountability. Companies will now have to prove that they act responsibly when dealing with data protection and privacy, including taking preventative actions. A 3M™ Privacy Filter can work as an effective preventive measure designed to protect your screen from unwanted side glances.  

Protect sensitive data with 3M™ Privacy Filters

Visual hacking – the visual theft of data – can be a risk when viewing or processing sensitive data. A 3M Privacy Filter can help protect information on your screen from prying eyes. They’re designed to allow you to see your content clearly while others beside you only see a black screen.

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    What role does "visual hacking" play in terms of privacy?

    Usernames and passwords are two of the most common pieces of information which grant access to the digital infrastructure of a business. Being observed while entering this information can have a devastating impact on the digital security of your company.

    It is also the same tactic used for social engineering, where criminals identify digital vulnerabilities of employees by analysing their life and habits. It’s not just about passwords – spying a screen for information or financial details plays a major role too. An insight into an employee’s appointment calendar or contact list might also be very useful for a criminal.

    In a field trial, the work of a journalist was spied on by visual hackers while he was working on a sensitive article during a flight . An unobstructed view of his work from behind enabled the hacker to collect valuable information.

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    Whether it’s a monitor, smartphone, tablet or notebook – 3M provides the right filter for your device.

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Five fast-working tips for ensuring data privacy

It only takes a few seconds to read and steal private data from a computer screen. Take care of your privacy, it's easier than you think.

  • Data thieves can be anywhere, so ensure your employees are aware of the dangers of visual hacking
  • Automatic screensavers and password-protected workstations are useful for securing unattended screens
  • We recommend sitting with your back to the wall, especially if you work in a busy office or a public area
  • Make sure your employees leave their desks tidy. Printouts containing confidential information should be shredded immediately after use
  • Sensitive data is easy to protect with a 3M™ Privacy Filter. They're effective, easy to install and available in a range of sizes for all major devices.