A visual hacker peeking at another man's tablet screen on a train
You can share the screen just by turning it over.

For 3M™ Privacy Filters, the 3M™ Comply™ Attachment System allows you to switch the screen display between privacy protection and sharing by simply flipping the privacy screen protector over.


About 3M Privacy and Screen Protection Products

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At 3M, we’ve designed advanced optical technology that delivers visual privacy and screen protection trusted the world over. It’s your first line of defence against visual hackers, physical screen damage and screen glare. With over 40,000 devices, our products are designed to protect your screen, reduce blue light from devices and hide the information displayed on your screen. Evaluate a product for your organisation and show your commitment to visual privacy.

  • With the 3M™ Privacy Filter Screen Protector, you can keep sensitive data such as login credentials and payroll information confidential. 3M's innovative technology allows users to see the screen clearly and prevents visual hackers from snooping on the screen from the side.

  • 3M's innovative solution protects your screen from glare, scratches and rubbing. With less glare and better clarity, 3M screen protectors keep your screen looking like new without interfering with your device's capabilities

Why Choose 3M for Your Laptop and Mobile Screens?

  • 3m privacy screens are backed by 3M's innovative optical technology
    A trusted leader in screen privacy and protection.

    We pioneered the microlouver technology that made our privacy filters work so well and become so popular. And we continue to be a trusted global leader in visual privacy and anti-glare film today.

  • achieve visual privacy and higher computer screen clarity with 3m privacy screen protector
    Creating visual privacy through the science of light management.

    Display and device technology continues to advance. So do we. Driven by our passion to make things better, we constantly refine our products and find new ingenious ways to help keep your screens, and the information on them, safe.

  • 3m privacy products work on most devices and screen sizes
    Highly touch responsive and high-resolution ready.

    Our slim privacy products work simply and beautifully on today's advanced screens. But behind the simplicity is a powerful combination of optical science and sheer ingenuity you've come expect from 3M.

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Screen privacy is more important than ever.

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