Underground Distribution Grid Monitoring

  • Data from inside the UG Cable, when you need it, where you need it.

Real-Time Data for Your Underground Systems

Capture highly accurate voltage and current waveforms in real time with 3M Sensored Cable Accessories, specifically designed for medium voltage, underground distribution systems.

  • Solutions

    Benefits include:

    • Reliability
    • Flexibility
    • Visibility
    • Accuracy

Learn how 3M™ Sensored Cable Accessories could help you manage your medium voltage underground system more effectively – and for less cost. Call today for more information: 800-517-0482 or Contact Us online.

  • White paper: Visibility for Reliable and Efficient Grid

    The focus on enhancing reliability and efficiency of the power grid has led to widespread deployment of distribution automation and control technologies. However, the effectiveness of these technologies relies mainly upon the availability of key system parameter data, such as voltage and current, at the critical locations (e.g. PQ nodes) in the grid.

3M Sensored Cable Accessories

Installation steps to replace standard MV Termination w/Sensored Termination:

Infographic depicting how to replace a standard MV termination with a sensored termination, starting with cutting off the standard termination, preparing the cable, then plugging and installing the sensored terminations.