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3M™ The Edge Dosimeter Kit, Docking Station, AC300 Calibrator

3M ID 70071624459

The Edge eg5 personal noise dosimeter series offers advanced technology packaged in an intrinsically safe, cable-free, compact frame for a lighter, more ergonomic way to monitor noise levels.

The Edge eg5 offers three dosimeters (third dosimeter enabled through Detection Management Software) and data logging/time history. This intrinsically safe dosimeter also offers simultaneous C-weighted and A-weighted measurements. The eg5-D kit includes the dosimeter with 57-309 1/4" microphone, AC300 Calibrator, EdgeDock-1 Single Docking Station, (2) 53-613 windscreens (one with dosimeter and one extra), 53-753 Calibrator Adapter, 53-575 USB Cable, 17-646 Power Supply and 53-754 Storage Case.

Additional Protection Features
Head Protection
Battery Life
40 hours
Battery Type
Lithium Polymer
Data Logging
Intrinsic Safety
Kit Type
Dosimeter Kit
Measurement Parameters
Dose, Exposure, Identity Field, L(C-A), Lavg/Leq, Max, Min, Peak, Projected Dose, Run Time, SEL (Lep), SPL, Threshold, TWA, Upper Limit (UL)
Microphone Class/Type
Type 2
Product Series
Product Type
Time Response
Fast, Slow
Virtual Dosimeters
3, C, Z