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3M™ Wire Pulling Lubricant Wintergrade WLW-5, 5 Gallons

3M ID 80610833701

3M™ WLW Pulling Lubricant Wintergrade is a translucent green polymer gel that has been modified from 3M™ WL gel lubricant to be used and stored in temperatures as low as 10(deg)F (-12(deg)C), making it the choice for cold weather applications. It is easy to handle and apply and non-staining for a quick and easy cleanup. Case is 1 container.

The thick lubricant remains easy to scoop and apply to wire and cable without runs, or drips in both warm, and cold temperatures. The lubricant produces a low coefficient of friction that lessens the chance of wire damage from high pulling forces. It wipes off the cable quickly and cleanly before terminating, or splicing common wire and cable jackets.

Cable Tie Length
147 mm
Flammability Rating
UL 94 V-2
Lubricant Type
Nylon 6/6
Maximum Bundle Diameter (metric)
51 mm
Operating Temperature (Celsius)
12 to 43 Degree Celsius
Operating Temperature Range (Celsius)
-12 °C to 43 °C
Product Color
Translucent Green
Product Type
RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant
RoHS EU Comments
RoHS 2011/65/EU compliant without exemption
Temperature Range
10 - 110 Degrees F (12 - 43 Degrees C)
Tensile Strength (Metric)
18 kg
Units per Case
Volume (Metric)
18.92 L