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Electronic devices are a major part of life for people everywhere — enabling communication, education, entertainment and industry. From consumer devices like smartphones and wearables to specialised industrial technology such as automation controls and artificial intelligence, we find electronics everywhere — including many challenging environments that require protection of both the devices’ internal components and external screens and surfaces. Designers and developers are always looking for protection that is thin, reliable and a fit for their manufacturing processes.

For decades, 3M has been manufacturing electronic grade coatings featuring the latest breakthroughs to satisfy the needs and expectations of manufacturers and end users. Today, our  coating agents feature high performance and ultra-thin, easy-to-use chemistry that offers a wide margin of safety for workers and is sustainable for the environment. Whatever the need — a better alternative to traditional conformal coatings for protection against corrosion, or a screen coating that makes a device look and feel as great as it performs — 3M has a Novec coating and the expertise to help.

Novec anti-fingerprint and waterproof coatings provide protection against corrosion for electronic components and screens.
Protect electronics — inside and out.

Keeping devices working and looking great

The demands placed on modern devices and other critical electronics are ever-increasing. From more processing packed in a smaller space, to high user expectations for reliability, longevity, style and finish, electronics designers and manufacturers need electronic grade coatings with innovative features.

3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings are designed for your specific needs and applications.

  • Inside every electronic device is a complex and compact network of printed circuit board circuitry and miniaturised components. These are susceptible to corrosion that could impact reliability and shorten device life. Help protect devices efficiently and cost-effectively with Novec coatings.

    • Ultra-thin: Maximise design flexibility and minimise space requirements and weight — conformal coatings are often applied much thicker
    • Protection against corrosion: Help protect from moisture, water, salt and sulfur
    • Easy to apply coating method type: Dry in seconds and most do not need to be cured
    • Process flexibility: Use spray, dip, brush or syringe application methods
    • Low overall total cost of ownership: Thanks to the elimination of thermal curing and masking steps
  • Most users experience electronic devices through their touchscreens. Give glass and glass-like surfaces an easy-to-clean coating to help them look good, feel good and function properly.

    • Easy-clean: Make it simple to keep devices looking their best
    • Anti-smudge: Resist the buildup and retention of oils and dirt
    • Easy to apply: Dries in seconds, thermal curing adds chemical and abrasion resistance
    • No need for costly plasma vapor deposition (PVD) equipment

Help protect your workers and the environment

Core to the 3M Novec promise is the ability of our products to improve lives. We develop our electronic grade coatings to deliver needed performance without compromising worker safety — and with environmental sustainability in mind.

  • A good choice for the environment

    Caring for our world means making deliberate choices about the products we use. 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings make this choice easy by providing a high-performance solution using 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids at their core that will not compromise environmental responsibility.


    • Low global warming potential (GWP)
    • Zero ozone depletion potential (ODP)
    • Not targeted for regulatory phasedown
    • Exempt from the U.S. EPA definitions for volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Safe for workers

    Our electronic grade coatings are formulated with 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids, which offer many features that help make the workplace safer for the people who work there.


    • Wide margin of safety
    • Non-flammability

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