• Aerosol Formulations

    Gain formulating freedom with fluids that are safe, sustainable, compatible with substrate materials, and effective in various applications.

  • Carrier Solvent and Lubricant Deposition

    Create solvents for coating formulation and dilution, industrial chemical cleaner formulation, lubricant deposition, and silicone deposition.

  • Electronic Coatings

    Protect sensitive electronics against corrosion or give touchscreens and other surfaces an easy-to-clean and smudge-resistant finish.

  • Fire Suppression

    Extinguish a fire in seconds, before it even starts and long before water-based systems discharge.

  • Immersion Cooling for Data Centers

    Improve energy efficiency and save space by using direct liquid cooling for your IT hardware.

  • Immersion Cooling for High Powered Electronics

    Use dielectric fluids to efficiently and uniformly cool high-speed rails, heavy machinery, vehicles, elevators and more.

  • Insulating Gas

    Reduce your greenhouse gas impact by up to 99.99% by using an insulating gas mixture for electric grids.

  • Solvent Cleaning and Vapor Degreasing

    Clean thoroughly without damaging sensitive components or leaving residue on your parts.

  • Maintenance & Repair Cleaning Aerosols

    Get more cleaning power and cleans per can for your electronics, connectors and more.

  • Thermal Management

    Remove excess heat in military, aerospace and other applications with fluids that offer a high heat transfer efficiency and wide operating temperature range.

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