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Patient receiving care in their home

Enabling care beyond the hospital

As you transition patients to home or to other facilities or have patients with limited access to their regular points of care, 3M is here to help enable, navigate and empower continued care for your patients.

Explore guidelines, best practices and resources to help effectively care for your patients.

Clinician applying a Tegaderm Dressing
Wound management

Whether transitioning a wound care patient from acute care to home or decreasing the frequency of outpatient wound assessments – 3M understands that clinicians need tools to support their practice during this public health emergency.

Have a question about wound management? We're here to help.

Reach out to our team for information and advice to help you better support your patients during this critical time.

Clinician using a tablet to share resources with a patient
Resource for your patients and their caregivers

As wound clinics and other patient resources may be deemed “non-essential” during this time, patients and caregivers are in need of resources to help them navigate wound management.

Clinicians using PPE
Protecting health care providers with PPE

Every day you put yourself at risk to care for your patients. We know you have questions related to PPE. We are here to answer your questions on respirators and masks.

Find the latest information below

Clinician using a tablet to share resources with a patient
Resources for essential workers still providing care

We understand that your need for continuing education doesn’t stop. Below are resources we hope are valuable to you and translate to a positive impact on your patients’ lives during this time.