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When implementing 5S, think 3M

The 5S system uses visual cues to improve workplace organization. And with 3M products, it’s easier than ever to implement.

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    While all the steps in 5S are important, when you Set in Order – organizing necessary items for easy access – you gain a real safety benefit. There aren’t any prescribed steps for this process. Your team should talk through workflows together and brainstorm ways to make them safer and more efficient.

    Some tips to consider:

    • One-Step Rule – Place regularly used items no more than one step away.
    • 45° Rule – Items should be within 45° of straight ahead to minimize reaching and twisting.
    • Position heavy items so people can lift them as safely and ergonomically as possible.

    Doing these simple steps can lead to a safer, more productive facility for you and your workers.

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    We use colours to organize and simplify our lives every day – from stop signs and folders to calendars and clothing. And, with the right color coordination, your workplace can become a more organized and productive space.

    3M™ Vinyl Tapes and 3M™ Safety Stripe Tapes come in a variety of bright colors that are locked into the vinyl for permanent high visibility. They’re perfect for lane marking, hazard and safety marking of floors, loading docks, shipping areas and warehouses.

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    5S can help increase your productivity. The Shine or Sweep is a step where cleaning and inspection are done together. This is a good time to look over your workspace to see if anything is wrong or missing, and to identify small problems before they become big ones.
    To execute a Shine or Sweep, follow these steps:
    • Assign work zones
    • While cleaning, look for:
      • Unsafe conditions
      • Broken, malfunctioning or leaking equipment
      • Missing or misplaced items
    • Create cleaning routines and checklists
    This process will allow you to strive for prevention while running your operation more efficiently.

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