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Is there a smart way to
take on the light?

Two 3M technical service specialists noticed how welding sparks were affecting workers’ vision, which meant they had to interrupt what they were doing to continually raise their visor. Hence, the duo engineered auto-darkening filters that react to the bright light of an arc weld, allowing workers unrestricted vision when they were not welding. Their innovative thinking made protective equipment wearable for longer, shedding new light on workplace safety.

Can a boxing glove
inspire a better
breathing mask?

3M scientist John Bryant and his team were on a mission to create an efficient and comfortable respirator that workers would want to wear. In search of the best solution for a product worn against the skin, they drew inspiration from materials worn close to the skin, like those of a boxing glove. In the end, their product has helped them, and many others, breathe easier and more comfortably.

Can bread inspire
improved hearing

As a 3M senior research engineer, Cait Meree certainly thinks it’s possible. Inspired by her passion for making bread, she applies the same principles to the structure of foam systems, like the ones that go into ear plugs, and how they react to change. All to ensure your ears stay protected.

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