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3M continues to transform our company to improve our speed and agility to help you deliver growth. To enable this transformation, we are implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.


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We are transforming our world to fit with yours.

  • As part of the commitment to our customers and distributors, 3M is continuing to transform the company to improved speed and agility. We have deployed our global system in more than 25 countries. We want to keep you informed and let you know we are here to work with you and your business partner(s) to prepare.

    Your business partner will begin to see these changes in 2022 as we implement our system in Singapore.

    There will be a short shipping downtime of about a week, while we convert to our new system. Please anticipate this downtime to ensure a smooth transition. If you choose to increase your inventory, work with your business partner now to determine when best to place your orders to allow the delivery to be received in advance.

    If you receive products shipped directly from 3M, you may see changes including the design and display of the packing slip, the addition of a ten-digit stock number and if you receive product certificates, the expiration date will be displayed as a date.

    Thank you for your enduring support of 3M products and services