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3M sealing tapes

3M Electrical Sealing Tapes

Get custom electrical sealing solutions for your facility’s unique environment.


Protect Against Corrosion with 3M Electrical Sealing Tapes

  • Sealing is essential to electrical maintenance. Proper sealing protects wires and connections from corrosion, which tends to occur in coastal areas, environments with heavy industrial fumes, and work sites with localized pollution.

    As industrial power demands increased, the engineers at 3M continued to innovate, developing new materials to help keep out moisture and other contaminants. When it comes to sealing, rubber electrical tapes and mastic tapes combined with PVC electrical tapes offer the best moisture resistance.

    Discover which 3M tape materials work together to seal wires and connections.

PVC Tape Rubber Tape Mastic Tape
Moisture resistance

Moisture resistance




Airborne contaminant resistance

Airborne contaminant resistance




chemical and harsh fluid resistance

Chemical and harsh fluid resistance


Seal Wires and Cables with Rubber Electrical Tape

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3M rubber electrical tapes are made of a nonstick, highly conformable material that provides an immediate moisture seal. That’s because rubber is self-fusing; it adheres to itself and forms a strong, seamless layer after being stretched and wrapped around cables and electrical joints. 

In production plants and manufacturing facilities that have steam and high humidity, self-fusing rubber tapes by 3M provide solid protection from moisture.

  • Scotch Rubber Splicing Tape 23
    • 30 mil thickness
    • Scotch® 23 is made of self-fusing rubber, which forms a strong a moisture-resistant seal for low- and medium-voltage connections
    • The resulting seal is highly resistant to splitting, cracking, or flagging

Seal Irregular Surfaces with Mastic Tape

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3M mastic tapes create a strong barricade around splices and terminations, which protect them from contaminants and particles that can corrode wire and connections. They are thicker and more conformable than rubber tapes, which makes them a preferred choice for use on irregular surfaces and other odd-shaped components.

Mastic tapes also have “self-healing” properties, meaning that when it is punctured, the plaint material will flow to fill in the air pocket, which keeps the seal tight. For that reason, it is highly recommended for sealing cables within industrial environments where steam and aerosols are commonly present. Mastic tapes can also be used in outdoor environments where connections need to resist humidity and moisture.

Here are some common sealing applications and the right mastic solution from 3M.

Sealing Larger Irregular Surfaces

Medium Voltage Applications

  • Scotch Rubber Mastic Tape 2228
    • 65 mil thickness
    • Withstands a temperature range of 0–90°C
    • Has a rubber backing that helps resist liquid ingress. This makes it ideal for sealing cables, wire connections, and service drops rated up to 1000V

Overwrap with PVC Electrical Tape

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Mastic tapes will ooze and flow, while rubber tapes are susceptible to cuts and abrasion.

To protect the seal, rubber and mastic tapes need to be completely overwrapped with a layer of protective material like PVC electrical tape from 3M. PVC has good stretch, which means it will snap back to its original length and provide a snug, airtight outer layer. Overwrapping with PVC also helps splices and terminations resist copper-corrosive chemicals.

Here are some PVC electrical tapes that can be used over mastic tapes.

  • Scotch Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape
    • Professional-grade
    • 7 mil thickness
    • Withstands a temperature range of -18–105°C
    • Super 33+™ has excellent resistance to moisture, alkalies, acids, and corrosion. Its durable PVC backing provides strong protection for both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Scotch Professional Grade Vinyl Electrical Tape Super 88
    • Professional-grade
    • 8.5 mil thickness
    • Withstands a temperature range of -18–105°C
    • Scotch® Super 88 has a thicker PVC backing that provides strong moisture protection. Use it for outdoor applications and harsh industrial environments

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