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3M Colour Coding Electrical Tapes

Get help finding the right coloured electrical tapes for your facility’s phasing needs


Identify Wires Quickly with 3M Coloured Electrical Tapes

  • Industrial electrical installations involve hundreds of wires that need to be organised and identified correctly. To ensure safety on the job, complex wire colour-coding techniques are implemented so you can instantly understand the wire’s voltage rating and phase.

    3M scientists know the importance of making seamless repairs and splices on coloured wires. That’s why 3M vinyl electrical tapes also come in colours that correspond to wire identification standards used at industrial facilities. Each tape is made of a strong, fade-resistant PVC backing that insulates wires up to 600V and maintains its colour under the sun.

    With proper colour coding and phase identification, keeping the facility safe is a lot simpler. Learn how to choose the right coloured electrical tape below.

Electrical Tape Colour Code Chart

Every colour has a purpose. Here’s a quick guide to what each electrical tape colour means in Singapore.

3M electrical tape colour code chart

Which 3M Colour Coding Electrical Tape is Right for You?

3M has several colour coding electrical tapes for various industrial environments. Discover which coloured tape is best for your facility’s maintenance program.

3M™ 1188 Vinyl Tape

Scotch® 35

3M™ 1188 Vinyl Tape
3M Scotch 35


Tape 3m Temflex plus colour Tape 3m Temflex plus colour
Tape 35 colour Tape 35 colour




Ideal for

Temporary phasing and color coding

Permanent phasing and color coding


Indoor and Outdoor

Indoors, outdoors and rough industrial environments

Voltage Rating




Average thickness
7 mil

Standard thickness
7 mils

Maximum Temperature

For moderate temperatures up to 80°C

For moderate temperatures up to 80°C



UL Listed
CSA Certified

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