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3M Flame Retardant Electrical Tapes

Get advice about which 3M flame retardant tapes to use for your facility’s electrical installations.


Add Extra Protection with Fire Resistant Electrical Tape

  • Worn-out wiring and defective cables account for many industrial fires every year.  A regular maintenance program lets you identify these fire hazards, so you can maintain high safety standards throughout the facility. When insulating and repairing low-to-medium voltage cables, give them an added layer of protection by using flame retardant electrical tape from 3M.

    Flame retardant tapes provide insulation and protective jacketing, as they possess physical and chemical attributes that slow or stop the spread of fire. When confronted by fire, 3M flame retardant electrical tapes don’t combust as quickly, compared to the average electrical tape. In case it does catch fire, the tape’s advanced self-extinguishing properties keep flames from spreading. This minimizes potential damage to equipment and gives you the best possible outcome in fire and arcing scenarios.

PVC Tape Silicone Rubber Tape Mastic Tape

Flame resistance




Arc resistance


high temperature resistance

High temperature resistance



See 3M Flame Retardant Tape in Action

Watch the video to see how the 3M 77 tape resists fire and protects cables.

UL Listed Flame Retardant Tapes

Explore all UL Listed tapes

3M electrical tapes marked “flame retardant” have passed the flame test according to UL510 Standards for PVC and rubber insulating tape. This means that the tapes don’t flame for longer than 60 seconds after being subjected to the test flame, and don’t ignite combustible materials in the vicinity while flaming.

Explore the UL Listed flame retardant electrical tapes from 3M.

  • Scotch Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape
    • Professional-grade
    • 7 mil thickness
    • Scotch® Super 33+™ has good stretch and provides a tight seal around cables
    • Use it to provide insulation and flame resistance to low voltage cables and splices
  • Scotch Vinyl Insulation Tape 22
    • Professional-grade
    • 10 mil thickness
    • Scotch® Tape 22 is a heavy-duty electrical tape with increased mechanical strength
    • Use it to provide flame resistance to low voltage cables in rough, industrial environments
  • Scotch 35 Color Coding Electrical Tape
    • Professional-grade
    • 7 mil thickness
    • Scotch® 35 Color Coding Tape is an insulating vinyl tape that comes in 10 industry standard colors
    • Use it to fireproof colored wires and cables

Electrical Tape for Added Protection Against Arc Flashes

Electrical arc flashes are a serious hazard that can cause devastating injuries to anyone within range. When electric current flows through gaps in the insulation, a rapid rise in temperature and air pressure between the two conductors causes a fiery explosion. Both low and high voltage electrical installations are at risk for arc flash hazards if safety measures are not put in place.

Plan for the best outcome in arc flash scenarios by overwrapping your cables with the right 3M electrical tape. A tape with arc-resistant properties can withstand high temperatures and suppress the damage caused by electrical discharges.

Find out which arc-resistant electrical tape from 3M to use for your cables.

  • Scotch 70 Silicone Rubber Electrical Tape
    • 12 mil thickness
    • Withstands high temperatures up to 180°C
    • Scotch® Silicone Rubber Electrical Tape 70 is a self-fusing tape that provides strong, solid resistance to arcs and tracks
    • Use as a protective overwrap for low to medium voltage cables.

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