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3M electrical cable tape

3M Abrasion Resistant Electrical Tapes

Get help finding the right 3M abrasion-proof tapes for physically-demanding conditions.


Guard Against Cuts and Tears with 3M Abrasion Resistant Electrical Tapes

  • In rough environments, cables are prone to friction and damage from dragging, reeling and scraping. Fortify and protect your cables with 3M abrasion resistant electrical tapes. These adhesive solutions have strong, flexible PVC backings that endure destructive micro-tearing from daily use.

    Each 3M tape provides specialised protection for electrical installations across your facility. Some are rated for outdoor use, which prevents UV damage and corrosion from rain water ingress. Other tapes are made of thicker vinyl to defend against heavy-duty friction and mechanical vibration.

    Regardless of where your cables are located, give them a longer service life with these 3M electrical tapes.


3M Electrical Tape Solution


Indoor abrasion resistance

  • 7 mil thickness

  • Abrasion and puncture-resistant jacketing that protects cable surfaces from wear

Outdoor abrasion resistance

  • 8 mil thickness

  • Provides high resistance to abrasion and UV rays

Abrasion resistance for specialised areas

  • 10 mil thickness

  • Resists punctures and abrasion despite heavy duty friction

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