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    Advancement of wafer level packaging, molded plastic and a growing demand for even smaller and thinner components requires a comprehensive range of standard and custom cover tapes and carrier tapes. At 3M Korea, we help you respond to these emerging challenges with our semiconductor tape and reel packaging solutions to meet your specific processes and requirements for components protection in storage and transport. Your customers should see productivity improvements in automated pick and place assembly operations.

    As a total solution supplier, we help ensure system compatibility and reliable performance. With extensive expertise in design and tool fabrication, we can quickly develop and test a quality custom solution and provide responsive technical support to help increase your productivity and profitability.

3M Tape and Reel Product Categories

  • 3M Cover Tapes seal into 3M Embossed Carrier Tapes to help protect electrical and electronic components during transport and storage. Our cover tapes are constructed with a special material that offers excellent sealing properties and smooth peel force to help ensure efficient SMT pick and place operations. The full line of semiconductor cover tapes also includes non-conductive and static dissipative products with heat activated (HAA) or pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs).

  • Shrinking components require sturdy carrier tapes with precise pocket formation to help reduce the risk of component tilt, flip or migration that can lead to component damage and downtime in the pick and place process. We offer a full array of non-conductive and static dissipative products with precision pocket designs for various components. We can also custom design a carrier tape to accommodate your specific needs and ensure a smooth taping and pick and place process.

Precision Transportation for Advanced Packaging

  • Microscopic view of blue printed circuit board tiny components

    3M Carrier Tapes for Tiny Components

    Miniaturised component packages pose challenges including chip stick and migration during the tape and reel process. To help ensure smooth taping and pick and place operations, 3M produces carrier tapes of tighter dimension tolerance as low as 0.03 mm, smaller D1 hole down to 0.15 mm, flatter bottom with a small draft angle, and the proprietary pocket design to protect such tiny components as size 0603 mm and 0402 mm dies from damage and undesired application issues. We also provide carrier tapes with narrower pitches for greater cost efficiency. With outstanding capabilities in tape design, extensive industrial expertise and an excellent track record in product quality for tiny components, 3M is a supplier you can trust.

  • Suited lab technician examining semiconductor wafer in clean room with microscope

    3M Solutions for WLCSP

    When applications require the smallest form factor possible, customers increasingly turn to Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP). This allows for size and weight advantages that can result in lower costs. To help you to respond to this trend, 3M provides comprehensive solutions designed to protect these advanced but fragile components, while enhancing the efficiency of your production lines.

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  • With extensive industrial experience and technical expertise in the semiconductor industry, we are here to help you succeed. Our robust design and tool fabrication capabilities help you test and develop custom carrier tapes that meet your specific process needs in this fast-developing space. Be it packaging or sealing, we provide total solution recommendations designed for efficient and smooth production, helping reduce downtime and product loss.

    Applying proprietary technologies, quality material construction and a global network, our team readily provides technical, design and manufacturing services to you and your customers on local, regional and international levels. We are your reliable source for fast, customised solutions anywhere in the world.