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  • Privacy & Screen Protectors

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    Screen Privacy and Protection Products

    • Science. Applied to keeping your screens, and the information on them, safe.

      Help protect your screens against glare, scratches, and the prying eyes of visual hackers with innovative solutions from 3M.

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      3M Privacy Products

      Help protect the confidential, sensitive and private information on your screen from visual hackers.

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      3M Protection Products

      Help protect your screens from scratches, dust and glare from sun or bright light.

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    Pick a device. We have you covered.

    Find a product that fits your device

    Why 3M? The answer is clear.

    Privacy products family

    World-class effective privacy.

    Featuring “black out” technology
    pioneered and optimized by 3M.

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      A trusted leader in screen privacy and protection.

      We pioneered the microlouver technology that made our privacy products work so well and become so popular. And we continue to be a trusted global leader in visual privacy and screen protection today.

    • 3M lab
      Creating visual privacy through the science of light management.

      Display and device technology continues to advance. So do we. Driven by our passion to make things better, we constantly refine our products and find new ingenious ways to help keep your screens, and the information on them, safe.

    • Touch tablet
      Highly touch responsive and high-resolution ready.

      Our slim privacy products work simply and beautiful on today's advanced screens. But behind the simplicity is a powerful combination of optical science and sheer ingenuity you've come expect from 3M.

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