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    Medical Device Adhesives & Films

    • 3M medical-grade adhesives, films, silicone tapes and hydrophilic coatings can be used in the industrial design and construction of your medical devices.

      Medical-grade adhesion for medical device construction

      How do you choose the best way to attach one substrate to another? How can you improve the speed and accuracy of your diagnostic devices? These are questions best answered while your device is still on the drawing board.

      By bringing in 3M at the product conception stage, you can take advantage of our advanced technologies and materials to potentially speed up your design process. Explore our line of our medical-grade tapes, adhesives and closures for the construction of your medical devices.

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    Find the right medical device adhesive or film

    Need help finding the right adhesive or film for your medical devices? Contact us for support in materials selection and recommendations, product design, where-to-buy information and more.
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