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  • Designed for semiconductor processes, the 3M Wafer Support System (WSS) offers fast and clean
    temporary wafer bonding and debonding. It is a production-proven and cost-effective solution for handling wafers down to 20 microns during the backgrinding and subsequent high temperature 3D TSV processes.

  • These micro-structured additives help dissipate heat in consumer electronics and improve thermal management efficiency in high-capacity batteries, LEDs and automotive applications.

  • Designed to balance performance with favourable environmental and worker safety properties, 3M's high-performance chemicals are available for a wide variety of applications, including heat transfer, cleaning and surface tension reduction.

  • 3M CMP and surface finishing materials can help deliver the performance you need. They help increase planarization efficiency, reduce defects, and improve productivity and output.

  • 3M Fluoropolymers have excellent heat transfer properties in semiconductor processing and can be used in solvent cleaning for precision components. From chemical- and temperature-resistant seals to high-purity wafer carriers, these elastomers and plastics are engineered to reduce contamination.

  • Reduce the risk of component tilt, flip or migration that can lead to component damage and downtime in the pick and place process. Help protect electrical and electronic components during transport and storage. 

  • 3M provides reliable performance for testing and burn-in applications with a design that has been proven with years of customer experience. 

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