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  • 3M™ Cross Connect Cabinet for Midspan 4220SVC-A
  • 3M™ Cross Connect Cabinet for Midspan 4220SVC-A

    3M ID 80611498215

    3M™ Cross-Connect Cabinets for midspan applications are low-count cabinets available in configurations that can accommodate 100 pair to 1200 pair. These cabinets are modular in design and can be used in pad-, stake- or pole/post-mount applications. In addition to midspan applications, the empty cabinet “shells” can be used to replace damaged cabinets.

    The 4220SV series cabinets are designed to enable a midspan cabinet application and are intended to work in conjunction with one to four 48-port hardened DSLAMs. These cabinets are open base and empty and are designed to mount optional and accessory components, such as a power junction box (JBOX), which can address local engineering requirements.

    Block Series
    Block Type
    Quick Connect System (QCS) 2810
    Cabinet Access Front
    One door - hinged left
    Cabinet Access Rear
    Solid back - no access
    Cabinet Access Type
    Single sided
    Cabinet Depth
    10 1/8 Inch
    Cabinet Height
    44 7/8 Inch
    Cabinet Mounting Style
    Pad Mount, Pole Mount, Stake Mount
    Cabinet Type
    Cabinet Width
    18 Inch
    Product Type
    Solution for
    Access Network: xDSL
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