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Spray Adhesives

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Spray Adhesives

77 Results 
3M spray adhesives are available in aerosols, cylinders and bulk formats.

Spray Adhesives

Whatever your application, 3M can meet your needs with a robust portfolio of spray adhesives that includes aerosols, cylinders and bulk formats.


Bonding for Large and Small Projects

  • From OEM to on-site construction fabrication, 3M has spray adhesives for bonding to metal, high-pressure laminate (HPL), plastic, insulation, foam, fabric, wood, MDF and a wide range of other substrates. 3M aerosol, cylinder and bulk adhesives are extremely versatile, with multipurpose, heavy-duty and foam and fabric varieties that can be sprayed, rolled or brushed.

Aerosol adhesives: simplicity meets strength.
Aerosol adhesives: simplicity meets strength.
  • Spray Adhesives

    For 50 years, 3M has provided industrial-grade strength for professionals, but there are a lot of different aerosols out there, and a lot of different applications.

  • Spray Adhesives Research

    So 3M did some research and confirmed that your needs are straightforward. Finding you an aerosol adhesive that meets your requirements should be straightforward, too.


  • Multipurpose Spray Adhesives

    These adhesives are suitable for a wide range of applications, bonding lightweight materials such as fiberglass, foam, polystyrene*, paper, felt, wood, plastic and more. Typical applications include general assembly, temporary holding, palletizing and label attachment.

    *Not all products are compatible with polystyrene

Heavy Duty Applications

  • Heavy Duty Applications

    These adhesives can effectively bond metals, wood, HPL, rubber, carpet and flooring. Typical applications include furniture, display fixtures, exhibits, specialty vehicle flooring and bonding HPL to particle board in the fabrication of countertops.

Foam and Fabric Applications

  • Foam and Fabric Applications

    These adhesives are engineered to bond fabrics, foam and upholstery to a variety of substrates and themselves. Typical applications include furniture, seating, headliners, office partitions and general foam bonding.

Specialty Applications

  • Specialty Applications

    High strength on rubber/vinyl and heat plasticizer resistance.

    • Designed specifically for bonding polystyrene (EPS)
    • Forms a bond stronger than the polystyrene foam
    • Will not dissolve or degrade polystyrene
    • Sprays with a lace pattern optimized for foam bonding

Maintenance and Cleaning Applications

  • Maintenance and Cleaning Applications

    Remove dirt and adhesive residue.

Plus low-VOC, CARB and OTC compliant options.

See 3M Spray Adhesives in Action

See 3M Spray Adhesives in Action

  • Having a product that works is non-negotiable. 3M has you covered with the right aerosol adhesives in each category.

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