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Bonding & Assembly (Manufacturing)

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Bonding & Assembly (Manufacturing)
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Bonding & Assembly (Manufacturing)

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3M Sealing/Potting and Encapsulating

Protect it against the elements.

3M Sealing, Potting and Encapsulating product solutions for ultimate protection.


Reliable protection for your best designs

  • After all the time you put into making the perfect product, make sure it’s protected against vibration, moisture and other contaminants with reliable 3M products. 3M tapes, sealants and adhesives permanently seal gaps and seams without sagging, pot or encapsulate sensitive components and cure quickly for painting.

Product Categories

Performance Factors for Sealing, Potting and Encapsulating Assembly

All 3M technologies in the table below are commonly used in sealing, potting and encapsulation applications. Use the table below as a relative comparison of product performance.
Chart comparing 3M products features
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