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Shield Cables Rated up to 69kV with 3M Rubber Electrical Tapes

  • Electrical currents in medium and high voltage splices must be safely contained within thick insulating material. 3M rubber electrical tapes are made to withstand electrical applications above 600V without cracking or splitting. Their strong adhesive sticks well to irregular surfaces and provides protection in critical industrial environments.

    3M electrical rubber tapes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. They have outstanding elongation and self-fusing attributes that repel moisture in humid conditions. In intense heat, electrical rubber tapes by 3M remain solid and provide a clean re-entry to connections.

    Find out which 3M rubber tape to use for your maintenance program.

When to Use Rubber Electrical Tapes

Medium Voltage Applications

Explore all 3M electrical tapes for insulation

3M rubber electrical tapes are rated to insulate and repair medium-voltage connections up to 69kV. Compared to other tape materials, the thick backing and adhesive properties of these tapes can withstand higher voltages.

These are the top 3M tapes for insulating medium voltage connections.

High Heat Applications

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Most electrical tapes will melt and unravel in intense heat. 3M rubber electrical tapes stay solid in high temperatures up to 180°C. In high-heat industrial settings, they continue to bond tightly to surfaces. Their non-residue adhesive remains intact, allowing for a clean removal during connection re-entries.

The 3M rubber electrical tape below is suitable for hot environments.

Moisture Sealing

Explore all 3M electrical tapes for sealing

Moisture can cause improperly sealed wires to corrode. 3M rubber electrical tapes are made of stretchy self-fusing material that creates an air and watertight seal. This enables them to prevent cable corrosion in outdoor applications, such as manholes, where the humidity is high.

Use the 3M rubber electrical tape below for moisture resistance.

  • Scotch mastic Strip 2230
    • 30 mil thickness
    • Jacketing on high-voltage joints and termination
    • Excellent adherence and elongation up to 1000%


High-voltage connectors are prone to electrical stresses without the right conducting material. 3M semi-conducting rubber tapes complement insulating materials by electrically rounding out currents. The highly conformable EPR backing sticks well to bolted connections and irregular shapes to maintain good conductivity and prevent partial electrical discharges.

Scotch® 13 is designed for semi-conducting applications.

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