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3M electrical tapes for cable termination methods

3M Electrical Tapes for Cable Termination

Get help choosing 3M electrical tapes to support your termination kits and cable accessories.


Reinforce Cable Termination Kits with 3M Electrical Tapes

  • Medium-to-high voltage cables need Class 1 terminations as a shield against airborne contaminants and moisture at industrial facilities. Terminations are also necessary for controlling electrical stress and to prevent tracking on the insulation’s surface.

    Premium-grade electrical tapes from 3M are designed to complement all termination kit classes, including Class 1. Each tape material has unique properties that bring the termination together and enhance its ability to provide weather protection, insulation, and tracking resistance.

    With the right 3M electrical tapes, installing terminations and prolonging your cables’ lifespan has never been simpler.



3M Electrical Tape Solution

Sealing Components

Mastic tape
PVC tape

Ground braid assembly

Mastic tape
PVC tape

Track protection

Silicone rubber tape

Marking components

PVC tape

Installing lugs or connectors

Mastic tape

Seal with Mastic Electrical Tapes

  • Inside a termination, the conductor and shielding cut-back area must be sealed from moisture to prevent corrosion. Use 3M mastic tapes to make strong, airtight seals on these odd shapes.

    For lug barrels or insulation gaps inside a termination, use a self-fusing mastic tape like Scotch® 2228 Rubber Mastic Tape to create a strong, moisture-proof seal.

Overwrap & Mark with PVC Electrical Tapes

  • 3M PVC electrical tapes have a tough, puncture-resistant backing that keeps mastic in. They also have excellent elongation and fast-acting adhesion for fixing components in place.

    Use Scotch® Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape as an overwrap for sealing small components, and the thicker Scotch® Super 88 Vinyl Electrical Tape for ground braid assembly, securing constant force springs, and covering all exposed mastic seals.

    For marking placements, use a premium colour coding tape like Scotch® 35 Vinyl Electrical Tape, which adheres fast to most surfaces and retains its vibrant colour.

Prevent Tracking with Silicone Rubber Tape

  • Terminations are vulnerable to tracking when dust, salt, or airborne particles weaken the resistance on the insulation’s surface.

    For this reason, track-resistant material like Scotch® 70 Self-Fusing Silicone Rubber Tape must be applied to prevent failure. It is made of inorganic material that doesn’t produce conductive carbon residue and protects the insulator’s surface.

Installing a Termination Kit with 3M Electrical Tapes

Watch the video to see how 3M electrical tapes bring a 3M™ Cold Shrink QT-III Termination Kit together.

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