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Prevent Outdoor Electrical Hazards with 3M Electrical Tapes

  • Electrical installations located outdoors are vulnerable to the elements. Cable jackets degrade with direct exposure to UV rays, and exposed connectors carry a heightened risk of electric shock during rain.

    Use 3M electrical tapes to protect components from weather damage and prevent outdoor hazards and ensure safety. Mastic tapes from 3M seals tight in open-air environments and offers superior water resistance. For added UV protection, use premium-grade 3M PVC electrical tapes, which holds fast and won’t melt under direct sunlight.

PVC Tape Rubber Tape Mastic Tape

Moisture and Water Resistance




ป้องกัน UV

UV Resistance



Electrical Tapes for High-Moisture Environments

In wet and humid conditions, proper sealing and repairs keeps corrosion out of electrical systems. Otherwise, unprotected cables and wires will lose their conductive properties and cause mechanical failure.

Seal and weatherproof your connections with these 3M electrical tapes to prevent damage and unscheduled maintenance.

  • Scotchrap 50 All-Weather Corrosion Protection Tape
    • Made of highly conformable material that resists corrosive salt water, soil acids, common chemicals, and exposure to outdoor weathering and sunlight
    • Has a special high tack adhesive formulated to resist corrosion above and below ground
    • Has a wide temperature range of up to 80°C
  • Scotch® 2228 Rubber Mastic Tape
    • 65 mil tape made of self-fusing rubber and moisture-sealing mastic adhesive
    • Resists moisture in medium voltage applications up to 1000V
    • Ideal for weather-exposed outdoor applications with odd shapes, like split bolt connectors and service drops

Electrical Tapes with UV Resistance

Premium-grade 3M vinyl electrical tapes prolong your cables’ lifespan, even with continuous sun exposure. They don’t get sticky in hot weather, and can withstand temperatures as high as 105°C without curling.

Get the UV protection your cables need with these 3M electrical tapes.

  • Scotch Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape
    • Sticks well in high temperatures and varying weather conditions
    • Provides a strong UV-resistant protective jacket on splices, cables, and wires
    • Won’t melt under direct sunlight
  • Scotch 35 Color Coding Electrical Tape
    • Adds an insulating, UV-resistant layer to colour-coded wires and cables
    • Holds fast and won’t melt in high temperatures
    • Available in 9 vibrant colours that won’t fade under direct sunlight

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