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About Enterprise Network

  • Thinking IoT, BMS or 40G? Think 3M. We’re making fewer materials do more, in less space, with a smaller carbon footprint. 3M Science is enabling enterprise networks to put copper jacks in tight, tiny places and fiber cabling where ceilings can’t be accessed. And our engineered fluids can chill Data Center servers and reduce energy costs by up to 90%. Of course, we don’t just create, we collaborate. We are a trusted advisor to thousands of companies, worldwide. So no matter what the future brings, you can be sure we’ll be there to help you make the most of it.

Solutions for Enterprise Network

  • Data Center

    Enabling faster deployment, greater scalability and reliability with fiber and copper solutions.

  • Passive Optical LAN

    Enjoy more performance with fewer parts using less energy in a smaller space with 3M POL solutions.

  • Structured Cabling

    High performance with lower energy consumption and greater reliability.

Need Help Finding the Right Enterprise Network Product?

Wherever you are and whatever you do, we can help your network excel. Whether it’s maintaining, expanding, upgrading or building a whole new architecture, we have the products, the people and the experience to help you maximize the performance and value of your investment.

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