How-To: 3M Collision Repair Training

Register for or log into 3M Academy

  • 3M Academy is the 3M online learning system. Even if you’ve used 3M online learning in the past, you’ll need to register for 3M Academy.

    The first time, you’ll see a page like the one shown to the right. Can use the Register link to the bottom right. On return visits, you the login fields on the left.

  • Register for 3M academy

    If you’re a first-time user you will be asked to register on the right side of the page. Registration includes a confirmation email, which can take a few minutes to arrive. When you return, you can use the log in fields on the left.

Visit 3M Academy

  • Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to use 3M Academy.

    To find the Collision Repair lessons, click the Library icon at the top left of the page, then click Automotive.

    Also on this page, you’ll find a person-shaped icon. This gives you access your user settings and course records.

  • Visit 3M Academy

    On the 3M Academy home page, you’ll also be able to check your course results and lookup records of your completed lessons.